IC14 – The world conference on Intellectual capital – Paris, June 14 & 15 2018

Safe and Ethical Cyberspace, digital assets and risk :
How to assess the intangible impacts of
A growing phenomenon?

The World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities 14th Edition Organised by The European Chair on Intellectual Capital, the University Paris-Sud and UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Information for All programme (IFAP)

With a regional focus:

Final conference agenda 

conference agenda 

Conference report and speakers’ slides

conference report

You can download the speakers’ slides below.

Session 1

  • “Safe and Ethical cyberspace”, Chafica Haddad, Chair IFAP Council
    (speech – no slides available)
  • “Innovation Policies at the Digital Age“, Dominique Guellec, OECD
  • “Platformisation of government agencies: Lessons from Estonia”, Marten Kaevats, Republic of Estonia Government Office (speech – no slides available)
  • “How a government addresses the issue of cyberrisks“, Guillaume Poupard, Director General, ANSSI (speech – no slides available)
  • “Digital agenda for cyber-risks”, Jakub Boratynski, DG Connect (on-line, no slides available)

Session 2

  • Key note speech: Indrajet Banerjee, UNESCO
    (speech – no slides available)

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Session 8

Session 9