Ahmed Bounfour and Laura Kreiling at ASTP-Proton Fall Meeting

On November 22-24 2017, Ahmed Bounfour and Laura Kreiling attended  the Fall Meeting in Guimares (Portugal) of ASTP-Proton, the premier, pan-European association for professionals involved in knowledge transfer between universities and industry. They presented their paper: A holistic practice-based model to understand link between resources, practices and KTO performance.

With the technology transfer professionals, they presented their work on developing a “capability maturity framework for knowledge transfer” that allows for quantitative and qualitative measurement on the level of KTO maturity and proposals on areas of improvement. They also introduced for discussion possible contextual elements for ‘intelligent benchmarking’.

Following short presentations, attendees discussed possible building blocks for a maturity model for KTO and conditions for implementation and a case study on the evolution of RedOTRI, the Spanish network of university TTOs, was presented by Santiago Romo Urroz.

(left to right: Prof Ahmed Bounfour, Laura Kreiling, Carlos Cerqueira, Santiago Romo Urroz)