IC13 The World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities

Information and Knowledge for All:
Towards an Inclusive Innovation

Organised by: The European Chair on Intellectual Capital, the University Paris-Sud
July 3 & 4 2017

With a Regional Focus

Venue : UNESCO Headquarters
7 Place de Fontenoy , 75007, Paris
(Rooms IV & 7)

The central theme of the 13th Edition of the World Intellectual Capital (IC) Conference is “Information and Knowledge for All: Towards An Inclusive Innovation”. The topic of this year is largely justified by the increasing gap in revenues distribution at the global level. Hence among others the development of the concept of “inclusive Innovation”, generally defined as the innovation supplied by a group of people- generally low-income- excluded from it (OECD 2013, Kaplinsky, 2011, Foster, Heeks, 2013). Hence the interest paid by scholars, policy makers and industry to the Base of the Economy Pyramid, a market which represents $5 trillion income segment (Aalto Global Impact). The inclusiveness concerns not only developing countries but also developed ones. Hence the issue of looking at innovation , not as a generally linear process, with stable roles for organizations and institutions, but more importantly as a way of improving living the conditions for excluded people. Inclusive innovation is therefore a way of creating / exploring new markets for products and services for people, and hence for improving their living conditions. From the policy perspective, inclusive innovation might raise several conflicting issues, especially with regards to the fairness in distribution of income and growth, job creation and competitiveness, growth maximization and equity considerations (Mohnen & Stare). From the business perspective, innovation inclusiveness opens the way for considering the issue of innovation from the new perspective: creating new markets, developing new learning and ideas, and bridging local resources with global ones. From the societal perspective, the development of societal innovation approaches and practices, attests to the limits of the traditional organizational- centric approach, and to the growing role of society as a hub for innovation. These approaches open new spaces for ideas, information circulation and social links.

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