IC6 6ème édition de la conférence mondiale sur le capital immatériel, Banque Mondiale 1&2 juin 2010

Intellectual Capital IC6 – The sixth edition of the World conference on Intellectual capital in the Knowledge economy took place at The World Bank in Paris on 1-2 June 2010.

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Innovation Policies and Strategies – Issues and Programmes


Professor Jean-Jacques Girerd, Vice-President, University Paris-Sud
Professor Ahmed Bounfour, Professor at University Paris-Sud

Key Note Speech

Thierry Gaudin, Perspectives for the XXIst Century and Global Innovation Programmes

Yoshio Tanaka, Innovation policy in an open innovation context: the case of Japan

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Session 1 – National Innovation Policies

Chairman: Leif EDVINSSON, Lund University

  • Innovation Policies A conceptual Framework : Jean-Eric Aubert, Advisor, The World Bank
  • Innovation Policies in OECD Economies : J. Guinet, OECD
  • Innovation policy in an open innovation context: the case of Japan: An up-date, Yoshiaki TOJO, METI
  • Innovation Policy & Strategy of India , Dr Parveen Arora, Ministry of Science and Technology, India

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Key Note Speech

Pr. Baruch Lev, New York University – Managerial Value-The Ultimate Intangible.

Session 2 – Regional Innovation Policy and the IC Agenda

Chairman: Patrick TERROIR, Caisse des dépôts et Consignations

  • Conditions for formation of knowledge networks, Johannes Glueckler, University of Heidelberg
    Regional policies : Patrick Dubarle , Consultant, OECD
  • The clustering process in Monterrey region, René Villareal, Center for Intellectual Capital and Competitiveness
  • Regional knowledge management principles : a review, Simon Dückert,Cogneon Gmbh, Guenther Szogs, The New Club of Paris

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Session 3 – Cities Innovation Policy and the IC Agenda

Chairman: Peter MEUSBURGER, University of Heidelberg

  • Innovative Cities and Clusters, Laurent Probst, Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Manchester IC Strategy, an Update, Cathy Garner, Manchester Knowledge Capital
  • Trends in Knowledge Based Development Metrics , Francisco Javier Carrillo, The World Capital Institute
  • An aesthetic approach to cities (and organisations), Raphaële Bidault-Waddington, LIID

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Session 4 – Emerging Innovative Perspectives (A)

Chairman: Takayuki SUMITA, Japan Machinery Centre

Reputation and risk, Jonhattan Low, Partner, Predictiv

Management Intellectual capital of the public sector information, Waltraut Ritter, Knowledge Enterprises

Intelligent Regulatory Compliance Knowledge Processing for Risk, Marcus Spies, Professor, University of Munich

The use of modern portfolio analysis for the measurement of IC of non-profit organizations, Thomas Housel, Naval Post graduate School of Management, Monterey, CA (videoconference connection)

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Session 4 – Perspectives for 2020

Chairman: Ahmed BOUNFOUR, University Paris-Sud

Knowledge markets & Knowledge networks OECD programme, Dominique Guellec, OECD

The IMO programme in Germany , Peter Pawlowsly, Professor,Chemnitz University of Technology

Innovation-futures, Karl-Heinz Leitner, Austrian Institute of Technology

Innovating in Education: some signals from Finland, Pirjo Stähle, Finland Futures Research Centre

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Innovation Policies and strategies – Emerging practices

Session 5 – Innovation Strategies and IPRS

Chairman: Dominique DEBERDT, INPI

The quality factor in the patent system, Bruno Van Pottelsberghe, Université Libre de Bruxelles

Detecting business strategies based on Patents, Fredéric Caillaud, L’Oreal

How the adoption of license-based business models impacts on financing decision and IPO performance, Federico Munari, University of Bologna

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Session 6 – Innovation Strategies and the Measurement Issue

Chairman: Jacques Van Der Meer, European Investment Bank

  • IC Reporting and the BNDES programme : an evaluation, Joao Paulo BRAGA, BNDES, Brazil
  • The WICI programme: an update, Yoshiko Shibasaka, KPMG
  • IC reporting and accounting standards: barriers and progress , Stefano Zambon, University of Ferrara & WICI Europe
  • IC reporting in Serbia, Sladjana Cabrilo, University Educons, Serbia

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Session 7 – Emerging Innovation Perspectives

Chairman: Olivier OULLIER, Centre D’Analyse Stratégique

  • Innovation, IC and art, Giovanni Schiuma, University of Basilicata
  • Neuroscience and value-based decision-making, Hilke Plassmann, INSEAD
  • How IC can be really leveraged by innovative SMEs, Johji Kitano, President, e-parcel
  • Knowledge Supply Chain, Susan Alexander, Minerva

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Key Note Speech

Innovation Strategies in a Global firm: EADS

Session 8 – Societal Innovations

Chairman: Pirjo STAHLE, Finland Futures Centre

Building the future through societal innovations : Leif Edvinsson , University of Lund

Social positioning of Private Companies Core Business. Case of MNCs in the developing world: Alexandre de Carvalho, Hystra

Strategies for a whishable future: Philippe Lukacs, Ecole Centrale de Paris

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Session 9 – Panel Discussion with The World Bank – Washington

Panel Discussion (videoconference connection with Washington)
Innovation Policies in the XXIst century : What will they look like ?

Moderator: Jean-Eric Aubert

Introductive Summary: Jean-Eric Aubert, The World Bank Institute

Dr Parveen Arora, Ministry of Science and Technology, India

Leif Edvinsson, Chairman, The New Club of Paris

Eduardo Rath Fingel, Director, BNDES, Brazil

Bror Sarmelin, Advisor, European Commission

Takayuki Sumita, Director, METI, Japan

Ahmed Bounfour, Professor, Universite Paris-Sud

The World Bank Institute, Washington DC

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Conclusion and Next Steps

Jean-Eric Aubert, The World Bank Institute