Publication in the Journal of Technology Transfer

Research of the European Chair on Intangibles on the holistic TTO performance management has been published in the Journal of Technology Transfer.

A practice-based maturity model for holistic TTO performance management: development and initial use

This study presents the development and initial use of a practice-based maturity model for technology transfer organisations (TTOs). Unlike previous research on TTO performance, the intention is not to compare TTOs, but to find out if there is a link between the maturity of TTO practices and organisational resources, competences and context, as well as outputs and outcomes. Drawing upon a conceptual framework for the holistic measurement of TTO performance, the model was refined and validated with TTO managers. It offers a novel way for TTOs to determine the maturity of their practices in six areas: ‘sensing & seizing opportunities’, ‘boundary spanning’, ‘translation & combination’, ‘co-creation & development’, ‘cultural change management’ and ‘knowledge management’. These areas correspond to six TTO capabilities that are assessed with 44 practice statements. Initial survey data from 17 European TTOs shows that maturity is highest in the area of ‘translation & combination’ practices and lowest for ‘knowledge management’. The study contributes to the academic debate on organisational performance and the role of capabilities and practices. Moreover, the model offers TTO managers a way to holistically assess performance and supports policymakers in the creation of TTO impact metrics. Future research could use it to collect further data in order to more comprehensively comprehend TTO performance.

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