Chair Governance

Chair governance is the responsibility of three bodies:

The Policy Council, which validates the general policies of the Chair. The general policies of the Chair are defined on the basis of the expectations expressed by companies and public organisations, and particularly those of Chair partners. Their goal is to establish the credibility of the Chair amongst French and international institutions as quickly as possible, and to act as a source of information for potential partners.

The Scientific Council, in which the majority of members are internationally-recognised academic researchers. The Scientific Council sets out the research and educational action programme for the Chair. It assists in co-opting researchers to support the work of the Chair and contribute to maximising its scientific and educational influence. The programme is developed out of the most recent national and international developments in academic research.

The Members of the Scientific Council:
• Jean-Eric Aubert, Lead Specialist, The World Bank
• Ariane Berthoin Antal, Prof. Dr. Senior Researcher in the ‘Cultural Sources of Newness’ research unit, WBZ (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung), Berlin
• Marcos Cavalcanti, Professor, Federal Univeristy of Rio de Janeiro
• Leif Edvinsson, Professor, University of Lund
• Dominique Guellec, Senior Economist, OECD
• Yasuhito Hanado, Professor, Waseda University, Tokyo
• Thomas Housel, Professor, Naval Postgraduate School of Management, NPS, Monterey, California
• Baruch Lev, Professor, New York University
• Peter Meursburger, Professeur, University of Heidelberg
• Federico Munari, Professor, University of Bologna
• Pirjo Stahle, Professor, Finland Futures Centre
• David Teece, Professor, Haas School of Business, University of California
• Bruno Van Pottelsberghe, Professor, Solvay Chair of Technological Innovation, Université Libre de Bruxelles

The Chairholder/Coordinator: the person responsible for the general governance of the Chair.

He/she provides the administrative, educational and scientific coordination of the Chair, with specific reference to its Partners. He/she takes operational responsibility for the activities initiated by the Chair (the organisation of research and educational seminars, scientific coordination of the IC conference for communities, coordination of the doctoral consortium, etc.), and for coordination between the Chair Policy Council and Scientific Council. He/she also drafts the Chair research and training programme.