The Franco-German Round Table on Intangibles

The French–German Round Table on intangibles and knowledge assets is a research and policy initiative by two major universities in the two countries (as well in Europe) – The University Paris-Sud and Heidelberg University – who decided to join their recent and on-going research efforts, in order to:

  • Come up with conceptual instruments;
  • Provide a stimulating platform for research and action for progress among different stakeholders in France and Germany;
  • Contribute, more generally, to the large dialogue in Europe and more globally, on the role of intangibles in value creation.

Download the agenda

Download speakers’ slides below.

Session 1:

Intangible investment and economic growth a comparative analysis of France and Germany

Moderator: Pr Leif Edvinsson, Lund University, Chairman, The New Club of Paris

Session 2:

Information systems and organisational capital as complementary assets

Moderator: Pr Guenter Koch, General Secretary, The New Club of Paris

Session 3:

Reporting and valuing intangibles: The financial analyst perspective

Moderator: Pr Dr Peter Pawlowsky, Chemnitz University

Session 4:

Reporting and valuing intangibles (with a specific focus on SMEs)

Moderator : Vincent BARAT, DGCIS, MINEFI

Session 5:

IPRs, public funding and open innovation practices

Moderator: Dominique Guellec, OECD

Session 6:

Looking at the future: Value creation in Knowledge markets, networks and communities

Moderator: Pr Dr Jacques Liouville, University of Strasbourg