International Workshop on “Knowledge Markets, knowledge networks and the joint Assets Issue” 3 June 2010

Séminaire international sur les marchés et réseaux de connaissance le 3 juin 2010
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Session 1: Conditions of formation of knowledge networks

  • Knowledge markets and networks, Status of advance, Dominique Guellec, Head of Trade and Business Statistics, OECD
  • Conditions for formation of knowledge networks: a geographical perspective, Prof. Johannes Glueckler, University of Heidelberg
  • Knowledge markets and open innovation, Prof. Florence Durieux, PESOR, University Paris-Sud

Session 2: Knowledge markets against Networks?

  • Should external innovators be organized in collaborative communities or competitive markets? Prof. Karim Lakhani, Harvard Business School
  • Knowledge flow in aerospace & defense businesses, Michel Hérouf, Vice President Intellectual Property.EADS
  • IPRs in an open World, François Jamet, Investment Director, IdVectoR Ltd Former Director, IP and Valorisation France-Télécom-Orange
  • Are there limits to licensing, Alfred Chaouat, Senior Vice-President Licensing,Technicolor,President, LES France

Session 3: The transparency issue and the new business models

  • Open rating of patents, Frédéric Caillaud, Director, Licensing & Business Development,L’OREAL
  • IBM’s view of IPRs valuation in the open innovation context, Nicolas Grollier, IP Law Counsel, IBM
  • Aggregating Scientific Knowledge, Innocentive business Model, David Ritter, CTO,InnoCentive

Session 4: Performance Measurement

  • The benefits of networks and Performance Measurement in Open Innovation, Prof. Ellen Enkel, Zeppelin University, Head of Dr Manfred Bischoff Institute of Innovation Management at EADS,Chair of Innovation Management
  • Leveraging value from patents portfolios, the Caisse des dépôts programme, Patrick Terroir, Conseiller, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations
  • How the adoption of licence-based business models impacts on financial decision and IPO performance, Prof. Federico Munari, University of Bologna